Spoken English Foundation

Foundation English course includes spelling and reading practice. It is drilled into the learner through number of spelling and pronunciation worksheets. One on One class is conducted for this level. This course empowers the learner to be able to spell the Indian names of persons and places, spell and pronounce most of the English words and the learner will be able to read the text in English correctly and easily. This course consists of spoken grammar and frequently used vocabulary. We focus more on practical application of grammar. We train the learner in various sentence-structures which are framed according to language rules. In every class we hold oral as well as written practice based on the structures. General conversational practice is conducted day by day so that the learner will have an ample of tongue practice. This training enables the learner to converse in English Correctly and Easily. Those who had their education in the medium of local language are given extra focus. The words and phrases which are frequently used in our daily life are taught with their appropriate usage in the context. We conduct Personality development session every Saturday so as to remove nervousness in the learner to speak in English. We have very limited number of students up to 10 so that each student could be paid attention and every student will have a more opportunity to do oral practice. If there are many students at class, very few of them will get a speaking opportunity because of constraint of time and those who are more active and take initiative to speak, they will get the advantage and others will stay tongue-tied. Each unit and lesson which is discussed everyday is thoroughly reviewed and there will be an interaction between the students and facilitator on the lesson every day. Our main objective is to instill confidence in the students to communicate their ideas, information, and feelings in English. Hesitation and nervousness to speak English can be easily overcome through our regular oral and written drills and periodical motivation sessions. In spite of the fact short period courses of 45 days or 2 months may not make the learner proficient in English, Our sincere ,systematic and practical inputs will positively work the desired result in motivating the learners to be practical with English communication so that they will work on it even after completion of the course.

  1. arrangement of sentence structure
  2. fabricate day by day utilize vocabulary
  3. upgrade of essential correspondence
  4. significance and pertinence of tenses of employments